The Rival, collectively made up of Allen Salmon and Phillip LaRue, are an alt pop band based in Nashville. They gained national media attention through major ad campaigns and television placements, such as Apple’s iPhone launch video, Nike, Sony Playstation, Target, Amway, ESPN, NFL Network, Microsoft, and international ad campaigns with Ford Australia and Wieckse Beer in the Netherlands and Germany. 

The Rival is geared toward music fans who always wanted to hear a collaboration of The Killers, Tears for Fears, and MGMT. What The Rival adds to this mix of heavy hitters is a new kind of hope and optimism that everyone searches for, but rarely talks about, in rock/pop music. Allowing their listeners to explore those feelings — and dance along while they do — creates the heart of The Rival’s signature sound. 

  Separately, Phillip LaRue and Allen Salmon have worked in Nashville writing and producing well known songs for a multitude of mainstream and indie artists. Together as The Rival they have been able to explore their creativity with even more passion and resolve.