1. Just Let Go

From the recording SANDS

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Produced by Allen Salmon & Phillip LaRue in Nashville, TN - Written by Phillip LaRue & Allen Salmon - Published by Razor And Tie Music Publishing

Phillip LaRue - lead vocals
Allen Salmon - background vocals, guitars, bass, keys, programming, engineering, mixing
Ben Phillips - drum kit
Sari Reist - cello
Eric Darken - percussion on “Wanderer” and “Desert”
Mastered by Joe LaPorta at Sterling Mastering
Artwork by Shelly Bailey


Just Let Go

Let's wake up
with the sun upon our shoulders
before the days get older
cause I can feel
it's calling out our names
and we won't be the same

so don't blink your eyes
cause the moment is running

We should just let, we should just let go
don't wait for tomorrow
So Why don’t we let, why don’t we just let go

the canyons call
and you and I must follow
the ties we'll break
they'll see us at great heights
fade into day light

so open your eyes
cause the moment is running