From the recording The Rival

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Produced by Allen Salmon & Phillip LaRue, Written by Phillip LaRue & Allen Salmon,
Published by Razor And Tie Music Publishing


Brave New World

Baby it’s a brave a new world
And its gonna steal your breath
You gotta know I love you girl
How I wish I knew what's next, what's next

Wish I could build a ladder to heavens gate
I could try to see God face to face
Ask some questions, get some answers
And then climb right down to you
Give your heart what its looking for
Give your heart what its looking for

I know you're hanging by a thread
At least its intertwined with hope
Did you hear every word I said?
No I won’t let you go, you go

So let our knees bend
To what we don’t understand, to what we don’t understand
So let our hearts kneel
To what we are afraid to feel, to what we are afraid to feel