1. It Ain't Over

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Produced by Allen Salmon & Phillip LaRue, Written by Phillip LaRue & Allen Salmon,
Published by Razor And Tie Music Publishing


It Ain't Over

We won't stop till you tell us so
We won't end, just to let you know, oh so ya know 
Cause everybody dies but few live 
So we're chasing this life till we get it, oh so ya know 

I will take what I want
I will fight fair or not 
It ain't it over, it ain't over
I will take what I please
I will see you on your knees
It ain't over, it aint' over 

Start a revolution in your soul
Lets start it right now, just to let you know,
so all the kids know 
Light a fire now that will never stop
Light it right now, with all your heart, oh,
so they all know

Stand up tall with your back against the wall 
Lift your head with every word I said