1. Made

From the recording The Rival

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Produced by Allen Salmon & Phillip LaRue, Written by Phillip LaRue & Allen Salmon,
Published by Razor And Tie Music Publishing



Wait, lets push back time, you and I,
time for you and I
To stay, let the madness fade right behind us,
fade out behind us
Lay, lay your head down right beside me,
down right beside me
Maybe, we can keep the sun from rising,
the sun from rising
We're face to face

And I just melt into your eyes
I feel what beats inside
And what we are
It can not fade
Cause we were made for this moment

No, we won't let them take this from us, take this from us
No, if I have to I'll fight if I must, I'll fight if I must
Nothing's going to pull me away

When all is tearing at the seams
Promise that you'll look at me
and don't let go
forever now is what we have
here we are no looking back, I won't let go