1. New Day

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Produced by Allen Salmon & Phillip LaRue, Written by Phillip LaRue & Allen Salmon,
Published by Razor And Tie Music Publishing


New Day

Every life is a rose trying to break from it's thorns
Everyone has a song but it's hard to find the notes
Breaking from the concrete now, can you feel it?
Breaking thru the ceiling now, can you see it?
Breaking from noise if you believe it
Do you believe it?

It's a new day, it's a new day
Come on morning glory
Can you feel it dawning?
A new day, don't let it get away
It's everything you make it
Yours now if you take it
Feel it in the city streets
In the rhythm of a heart, a heart that beats
It's a new day

Every soul is dealt it's pain holding up a house of cards
And every mind will bend and change before you know it can move on
Pushing past the power lines now, can you reach it?
Pushing past the skyline now, can you touch it?
Pushing out the noise if you believe it
Do you believe it?

Nothing now is black or white
It never was open you eyes
Come alive, come alive